What do 160 German battle tanks, 70 blue whales and the amount of raw materials, which was offered on SECONTRADE so far have in common? Right! A total weight of more than 10.000 tons.

Just in time for SECONTRADEs first birthday, we reached another milestone: 10.000 tons of raw materials have been offered on the platform since its launch in January 2018. Secondary raw materials such as aluminium shredder, iron, copper scrap or compressors from dismantling find new purchasers and are recycled with the help of SECONTRADE. As a result of the materials’ re-establishment into new production cycles, natural resources are conserved. Furthermore, valuable substances contained in the waste are recycled.

The most offered materials

The most imoportant raw materials on SECONTRADE so far.

SECONTRADE-users already know the broad variety of raw materials which can be traded on the platform. Depending on supply and demand, various substances are offered by several providers.
These are the most offered raw materials since SECONTRADE exists:
Copper scrap is in the third place. Right after the by far more expensive silver, copper has the best electric conductivity. That is why it is used mostly in the electronic industry.
The second place goes to aluminium. Aluminium stands out due to its low weight and its strength. Furthermore it does not rust, that is why it is often used in the construction of vehicles and airplanes.
The most offered fraction so far are compressors from dismantling. After harmful substances are removed, they are an important source for iron and copper alloys.

Circular economy: Reuse of raw materials

Substances such as copper, aluminium or steel can be reused with hardly any loss of quality. This is why the percentage of reuse is already relatively high. Copper for example has a “real Recycling-Rate” of about 80%. Aluminium, as another example, has a worldwide Recycling-Rate of 40%.
As a reaction to the shortage of natural resources, many companies are already using secondary raw materials. The idea of SECONTRADE is to make trading with recycled raw materials easier and more transparent. Additionally the recycling and the reuse of resources should be made as efficient as possible with the help of digitization – for sellers as well as for buyers.