SECONTRADE – The B2B Platform for secondary raw materials

This safe marketplace for raw materials brings together vendors and buyers of valuable commodities from all over Europe. Partners are prevented from trading until after individual verification. Thus, the buyers and the sellers are given maximum certainty due to the transparent exchange when trading in large quantities.

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SECONTRADE partners are enabled to offer all raw materials in a blink

Simply define the reusable material, post the quantity and choose the relevant parameters. The offer will be displayed in the marketplace right away.

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Via your personal profile at, you are free to offer or bid for secondary raw materials at any time using your mobile phone.

Throughout Europe, customers are waiting for valuable raw materials

Enlarge your market and exploit the full potential of Europe's secondary raw materials markets.

Whether as vendor or as buyer. With SECONTRADE you will always achieve a win-win situation.

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Highest-bid principle to secure the best price for raw materials

Offering raw materials

Certified vendors post secondary raw materials offers from processing with a few clicks and set a minimum price at SECONTRADE.

Automatic messages

All potential buyers receive a message informing them that the required materials are now available at SECONTRADE.

Transparent bidding processes

Auctions will go on for as long as the vendor determines. Each bidder may submit up to 3 bids for the desired partial quantity.

Award for the highest bid

Partial bids and bids for the entire quantity are ranked according to the highest-bid principle. Then the vendor takes his pick! Learn more

Profit from favourable terms

In the event of an award, only a tiny percentage of the transaction volume is due from the seller to SECONTRADE.

Bids for partial quantities

This SECONTRADE option offers advantages for both parties. If the seller permits bids for partial quantities in his offer, buyers can secure the desired quantities for themselves at fair prices. Any remaining quantities and new commodities can be offered at SECONTRADE right away. Learn more