Secure raw material trading made easy

Trade all types of secondary raw materials. The B2B platform SECONTRADE ensures secure, simple and efficient processing.

for sellers

Smart standardisation ensures simple processing.

Immediately after registration and authorisation you can benefit from all advantages. Present your secondary raw materials with all relevant information and photos. Upload all certificates and GTCs once as the basis for your trades. If you offer the same material frequently, existing trades can be easily modified or duplicated. Afterwards you can sit back and relax while looking forward to your trading partners from all over Europe.

Easy offering

Place your raw materials online quickly and easily with photos and all important information.

Just-in-time selling

Reduce storage costs by aligning your supply with the expected production date.

Keep track & keep control

SECONTRADE provides you with clear documentation of all trades even if you have several locations to manage.

for buyers

All secondary raw materials are available from all over Europe

Trading without borders: You can easily register and start bidding immediately – if you wish, of course, also for partial quantities. SECONTRADE's practical search and filter function helps to find your desired raw materials from verified suppliers throughout Europe. There are no handling costs for you! Your material is not available at the moment? Then simply create a trade request and you will have no problem finding it.

At SECONTRADE you will find everything you are looking for. Click here for an overview of all raw materials.

Show all raw materials

Quick searching process

Thanks to intelligent search filters, you will get the desired result in no time at all.

Reminding automatically

Raw material alert and expiring offer reminder function ensure that you never miss an offer.

Buy risk-free

The simple verification of the sellers on SECONTRADE guarantees a serious sales transaction.

Enquire a trade

Are you looking for a specific material? Simply create an individual trade request to get your desired raw material faster.

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Do you have secondary raw materials to offer or are you looking for recyclables? Use SECONTRADE and find your reliable trading partner across Europe.

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  • Quick and simple
  • Secure and transparent handling
  • Best return for buyers and sellers

Your digital marketplace
for secondary raw materials

All kinds of secondary raw materials available on a single platform: SECONTRADE guarantees a simple and smooth business transaction with verified trading partners. Buy or sell not only the most common raw materials but also numerous niche products on our B2B trading platform – risk-free and troughout Europe.

All of Europe is waiting
for valuable raw materials

Expand your market and realise the full potential of European secondary raw materials for yourself. Whether supplier or buyer, with SECONTRADE you will always achieve a win-win situation.

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Best bidder principle ensures the best raw material price

Offer raw materials

Certified sellers place their secondary raw materials and can set a minimum price.

Raw material alerts

Potential buyers are informed via raw material alert when the materials they are looking for are available.

Transparent process

The auctions are defined by the supplier – each interested party can place up to 3 bids on the desired raw material.

Award to best bidder

All bids are ranked according to the best-bidder principle. The final decision is made by the seller.

Favourable terms

If the bid is accepted, only a small percentage of the transaction volume goes from the seller to SECONTRADE.

Bids on partial quantities

Buyers can also obtain partial quantities at a fair price. Remaining quantities are immediately offered again on SECONTRADE.

Activate raw
material alert

Simply register, sit back and never miss an offer again. You will receive an e-mail as soon as your desired raw material is online in the country of your choice.


Post your offer
or bid at any time
from anywhere.

Via your personal profile at, you are free to offer or bid for secondary raw materials at any time using your mobile phone.

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You still have questions?

You can find more information on placing offers, bidding and the general conditions of your purchase transaction in our FAQs and in our folder.

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