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The Platform for safe raw material trade

Choose a better approach to trading secondary raw materials. From now on, you can offer any quantity and any raw materials from the recycling process simply and risk-free or buy them at the most favourable conditions. SECONTRADE provides for clarity and safety in handling the deal, with front-to-end documentation.

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Risk-free offer

Market your raw materials without incurring costs and get your message through to all potential buyers.

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Reliable vendors at SECONTRADE form the basis for safe handling of sales in each phase.

Trading all over Europe

Cross-border trade with reliable partners to secure optimum raw material prices.

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The most important secondary raw materials in bulk quantities


  • Steel Scrap
  • Shreddered Iron Scrap

Non-ferrous metals

  • Aluminum/Copper Coolers
  • Electric Engines + Copper Transformers
  • Cable
  • Compressors, Dismantled
  • Copper
  • Printed Circuit Boards from Dismantling
  • Brass


  • Polystyrene
  • Polyurethane


  • Flat Glas

The largest trading Platform for secondary raw materials

Secondary raw materials have been offered at SECONTRADE so far

Latest offerings

2.5 t AT copper raff (19 12 03 AN) 2.5 t 2022-08-29 Details
2.5 t AT cables (16 02 16 AN) 2.5 t 2022-08-29 Details
4 t AT steel scrap from dismantling (19 12 02 AN) 4 t 2022-08-24 Details
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Use SECONTRADE to achieve trouble-free, secure trading of profitable raw materials.

Buying and selling raw materials at SECONTRADE

You have commodities to offer?

You can sell much sought-after raw materials through SECONTRADE and benefit at all levels.

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Use SECONTRADE to achieve trouble-free, secure trading of profitable raw materials.


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