Not for refuse
but for reuse

By buying or selling valuable secondary raw materials, you make an active contribution to climate and environmental protection.

Time for a change — protect resources and use them respectfully

Natural resources are limited and global extraction and import are associated with a high energy input – this is where change is needed! Europe possesses a large amount of secondary raw materials that are processed to high quality by recycling companies. The solution is to use these valuable materials efficiently.

Fit for the future

Circular economy for
a tomorrow worth living

A successful circular economy ensures that existing resources are used effectively and multiple times. An important goal of SECONTRADE is sustainable raw materials management, because this protects the climate and the environment and stabilises the raw materials market in Europe. Thanks to our B2B platform, value creation remains in Europe.

55,497 t sec. raw materials

have been offered at SECONTRADE so far

Circular Economy

SECONTRADE signee ProductionCollectionUseRecyclingSecondary raw materials

Raw material recyclingAustria Tonnes/year

2.600.000 t Used metal
317.000 t Glass
292.000 t Plastics
82.400 t Waste electric and electronic equipment
Source: rundgehts

Natural resources are limited – high quality recycling guarantees that they are not lost

Secondary raw materials protect the environment in many ways. An example illustrates this: every tonne of steel and iron scrap that is recycled avoids the mining of 1.5 tonnes of iron ore. This significantly reduces emissions. One tonne of steel scrap in turn saves CO2 in the same amount.

Reduction ofenergy consumption

Aluminium 90-97%
Steel 47-74%
Paper 23-74%
Glass 4-32%
Source: World Resources Forum, S. 194

Trade sustainably

To protect the climate and the environment, it is important to return raw materials to the economic cycle.
SECONTRADE offers the optimal platform for this.

Raw material trading on secontrade

All secondary raw materials offered are recovered by recycling of waste. Industrial and production waste can also be offered via the platform. The suppliers on SECONTRADE provide the market with the desired quality and deliver the necessary certification. All bidders thus benefit from the best material at the best price.