Two years ago the online trading platform for secondary raw materials SECONTRADE was launched. A success story that makes an important contribution to the climate and circular economy strategy of Austria and Europe.

The online marketplace for secondary raw materials SECONTRADE ( was founded in January 2018 following an initiative of UFH Holding GmbH. Since then, 18,500 tonnes of valuable raw materials have been traded via the platform, e.g. from old appliances, scrap metal and plastic waste. Recycling companies, raw material traders or steel mills- a total of 175 organisations from 17 different countries bought or sold recycled material worth around three million euros. This benefits disposal companies and end users who can offer and procure raw materials without risk, as well as the environment and society. After all, a successful recycling economy is clearly an important factor to fight global climate change.

What the European Union’s Green Deal and the new government’s programme plans, is already reality at SECONTRADE. Since its foundation two years ago, the online trading platform has been the solution for responsible, economical and efficient use of valuable resources and therefore it is a pioneer in the circular economy. Brigitte Reich, Managing Director of SECONTRADE emphasises: “The package of measures proposed by the new government will bring the secondary raw materials market into action. It intends to create marketing opportunities for recycled materials and make their use partly obligatory for industry. We very much welcome this”.

Pioneer in the circular economy

“By recycling important raw materials such as iron, aluminium, copper and plastic, CO2 emissions and other environmental pollution are reduced and, in addition, existing resources are used instead of being further exploited,” explains Marion Mitsch, Managing Director of UFH Holding GmbH. The UFH Group to which SECONTRADE also belongs, guarantees with its services a smooth process from production to disposal and recycling of electrical appliances and has been following a successful circular economy in Austria for over 25 years. “In this way, we make a significant contribution to sustainable economic activity. The success of SECONTRADE shows that we are on the right track economically and ecologically”, says Marion Mitsch.

The UFH Group collects and professionally recycles defective electrical appliances, batteries, lamps, etc. and organises their collection from the 2,300 collection points in Austria or directly from the retailer itself. Cooling equipment are recycled in our own cooling equipment recycling plant in Kematen / Ybbs, which is one of the most modern in Europe. 95 percent of the materials used in a refrigerator are secondary raw materials such as iron, aluminium, copper and plastic, which are put into the containers ready for collection. These are then offered on the SECONTRADE online trading platform. From there, the recycled materials are partly transported via raw material traders to processing plants such as steelworks, copper smelters, aluminium smelters or plastic processing plants. Finally, these materials are used to produce, for example new refrigerators or electrical appliances. “Therefore the economic cycle is closed. We are setting new standards in recycling management and in the responsible use of secondary raw materials, as well as in the digitalisation of waste management,” Robert Töscher, managing director of SECONTRADE, proudly tells.

Pioneer in the digitisation of waste management

The online trading platform is a clearly structured marketplace for recyclable raw materials. Registration and posting of offers is free of charge, and a proportionate transaction fee is charged when a transaction is concluded. The market participants are informed about attractive offers via search filters or with the help of the notification function. These are ranked according to the best bidder principle.