SECONTRADE, the online platform for raw materials trade, was launched at the beginning of 2018 and is making the currently existing purchase and selling processes of secondary raw materials such as steel scrap, recycled plastic materials, waste glass, etc., a lot easier and more profitable. From now on, recycling companies, raw material dealers, and steel mills are only a few clicks away from exploiting the full potential of the European markets with SECONTRADE.


Digitalization of this sector

SECONTRADE was founded at the initiative of UFH Holding GmbH and is focused on secondary raw materials that are currently being traded on a decentralized basis. “The waste management industry is facing new challenges due to changing customer requirements, but these changes also entail huge chances. We seize these opportunities through the digitalization of secondary raw materials trade. SECONTRADE was created to support the market players in finding suitable raw materials at optimum conditions, and more quickly“, says Mag. Marion Mitsch, General Manager of UFH Holding GmbH, feeling confident about the platform’s success.


Integrity and highest-bid guarantee

The Bidders can upload official authorizations and certificates to prove their integrity. The bids placed by potential buyers are ranked according to the highest-bid principle. SECONTRADE takes care of the centralized communication and documentation. Registration and posting of offers are free of charge. A proportionate transaction fee is charged after concluding a deal only. Go to presentation of