Beginning with 2018, not only Christmas presents, food or used cars can be purchased online: eCommerce does not stop at the trade with secondary raw materials such as scrap metals or plastics. In January 2018, on the initiative of UFH Holding GmbH, the electronic recycling platform will be launched, through which waste management companies and end recyclers can offer or buy these raw materials without risk.

The advantages
For the first time, producers and buyers can exploit the entire potential of the European market for secondary raw materials, these are materials obtained through recycling, via Because to the search filter, suppliers and buyers find each other more quickly. Customised notifications inform about interesting offers for the desired raw material. Bids are ranked according to the best bidder principle and the supplier is awarding the bid. Users can upload official authorisations and certificates to prove their reliability. All this happens on just one platform,, ensuring centralised communication and documentation.

The market
Digitalisation will also play an essential role for the waste management industry in the future. The constantly changing customer requirements and advancing digitalisation are a great challenge for the waste and recycling industry, but also a great opportunity at the same time. The interdisciplinary team of, consisting of experienced recycling experts and IT specialists, is working together to achieve optimal usability and is constantly developing the platform further.

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