The digital marketplace for secondary raw materials in new design

SECONTRADE, the online trading platform for secondary raw materials, is expanding its portfolio. In addition to metals, plastics and glass, from autumn onwards it will also be possible to handle construction waste, wood waste and biogenic residues nationally and internationally, but above all simply and efficiently. At the same time, SECONTRADE underwent a refresh. SECONTRADE is thus once again a showcase for digital, sustainable raw materials management.

The demand for raw and construction materials is constantly increasing. However, primary raw materials are limited and are often mined and transported worldwide at enormous expense and CO2 emissions. Europe posesses a large number of secondary raw materials. These are collected as waste or residual masses by various industries from the recycling, construction, agriculture and forestry sectors, etc., and recycled to a high quality. In order to meet the increasing demand for raw materials, it is important to return these valuable materials to the market and reuse them.

Resource efficiency and circular economy for a sustainable future

“Our goal is sustainable raw material management. This means that secondary raw materials are used quickly and easily where they are needed. SECONTRADE serves as a digital interface and offers suppliers and buyers of secondary raw materials a secure, transparent, Europe-wide marketplace,” explains Brigitte Reich, Managing Director of SECONTRADE. The digital platform is thus an important element of a successful circular economy. The efficient use of available resources protects the climate and the environment and stabilises the raw materials market in Europe.


The demand for secondary raw materials has developed rapidly in recent years. “In order to meet the increased demand for secondary raw materials, we have expanded our platform. At the same time, we used this to give SECONTRADE’s external appearance a refresh, which we have now successfully implemented,” says Brigitte Reich. From now on, the online platform appears in a new design, the principle of the marketplace remains the same, but many functions have been made even more convenient for users.

Digital raw material management has great potential  

“Digitalisation is a great opportunity for the secondary raw materials market and its participants. We are making use of this and have created a future-oriented B2B marketplace with the platform SECONTRADE. Currently, the portfolio has been expanded to include construction waste, wood waste and biogenic residues, such as agricultural and forestry by-products and organic sludge. But secondary raw materials, which will be increasingly in focus in the future, can also be included in the portfolio,” says Brigitte Reich.

Pioneering work for a liveable world of tomorrow

In January 2018, the online trading platform SECONTRADE was launched at the initiative of UFH Holding GmbH. SECONTRADE is a digital B2B marketplace where suppliers and buyers of high-quality secondary raw materials from all over Europe meet. The simple processing and gapless documentation ensure added value for all users. “We are convinced that our platform is a solid basis for an ecologically and economically sensible raw materials trade of the future and thus make a contribution to a tomorrow worth living,” explains Brigitte Reich.