Our team for a tomorrow worth living

We are convinced that our innovative B2B platform is a strong basis for the raw material trading of the future. The versatile team at SECONTRADE is constantly developing the digital marketplace for you because the mindful use of our earth's resources is a concern for each and every one of us.

Secontrade closes the circle. Shaping the future and achieving more together

Our common goal is the careful and conscious use of natural resources so that the world remains worth living in for our children. Raw materials management faces challenges, but it is provided with at least as many opportunities. SECONTRADE has recognised these opportunities and, as a pioneer and role model, has launched a forward-looking B2B solution for trading in secondary raw materials.

Our team

+43.1.588.39-77 [email protected]
Managing Director Brigitte Reich
Marketing Stephanie Zsifkovits
Finance Gottfried Korsinski
Customer Support & Operations Katharina Mitsch
Assistance Tatjana Palcic

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