Wood waste

Wood, the renewable resource

Wood is a regrowing resource that can be used for different purposes: as building material, for pulp, paper and cardboard production, as chemical raw material or as an energy source. In Germany, the demand for wood has almost doubled since 1990, and due to its versatile use in both the material and energy sectors, wood consumption is expected to increase even further.

Source: Federal Environment Agency (editor): Environmental protection, forests, and sustainable wood growth in Germany. March 2021, Page 35

Wood, one of the most important biogenic waste streams

Wood waste forms one of the most important biogenic waste streams. The waste volume consists primarily of wood residues from the wood-processing industry, construction and demolition wood from the building industry, and wood waste as part of municipal waste. Depending on their quality, the individual types are recycled and reused either as input materials or as energy source. Untreated wood is used as input material in the panel industry, the pulp and paper industry and in other sectors, and treated and contaminated wood is used for energy production.

Source: www.klimaaktiv.at

There is a high demand for wood waste

As one of the most important biogenic waste streams, wood waste is in high demand for the purpose of energy production and as input material. Wood waste includes bark, slabs, splinters, sawdust, wood dusts and slurries, building and demolition wood, chipboard waste, old furniture, impregnated wood (poles, sleepers, etc.), wood packagings and wood containing harmful impurities. Wood waste is generated in sawmills, joineries, the pulp and paper industry, the furniture and wood-based materials industry, the construction industry, agriculture and forestry, gardening and landscaping, as well as in private households and from similar sources. Wood waste consists of residues from the treatment and processing of wood and of old wood that has been collected and separated.

In 2019, the waste wood generated in all of Austria amounted to approx. 1,216,000 tonnes.

Source: Federal Waste Management Plan 2022_Part 1, P. 261-263 Fig. 68: Development of wood waste generation 2015–2019

Owing to the separate collection of wood waste, high-quality recycled wood can be used in the wood-based materials industry. Waste wood that is not suitable for recycling is used as energy source.