Company name
Secontrade GmbH
Legal form
Limited Liability Company under the laws of Austria
Registered office
Mariahilfer Straße 37-39, 1060 Vienna
[email protected]
Companies Register number
FN 487581g
Companies Register court
Handelsgericht Wien (Commercial Court, Vienna)
UID (VAT ID) number
AT U73.180.078
Object of the company
  1. to participate in other companies of any type, to administer and manage these interests except participation in banking;
  2. operation of Internet platforms for the procurement of secondary raw materials, raw materials, industrial waste, waste in general; the trade in goods of all kinds, in particular secondary raw materials; the provision of services of all kinds, in particular in the above-mentioned areas, additional services such as consulting, billing, market information, documentation, logistics and the acquisition, sale and management of holdings in other companies in Austria and abroad.
  3. to provide services as consultant and agent and other services of any type, in particular related to waste management matters, including services rendered in connection with the taking back and disposal of used electric appliances, photovoltaic modules, batteries and packaging, including the handling of obligations resulting from the regulations on old electric appliances, batteries and packing materials, and conclusion of the corresponding system participation agreements; and trade in commodities according to the Austrian Waste Management Act.
  4. Purchase and lease-out of movable and immovable assets and take-over of internal and external information for automatic compiling, storage and elaboration, taking the provisions of the Austrian Data Protection Act into account.
Regulatory authority
Municipal Authority for Vienna's 6th District
Chamber affiliation
Chamber of Commerce, Vienna
Professional divisions
Professional Divisions of the Viennese Chamber of Commerce, "commercial agent"
Regulations governing trading and professional activities
Industrial Code and Trading Regulations 1994 (accessible at
Gender Clause
For reasons of better readability, the language forms male, female and diverse (m/f/d) are not used simultaneously. All personal terms apply equally to all genders.