Shredded iron

Shredded iron:
a raw material from the recovery process

Theoretically, iron can be melted and reused any number of times without appreciable losses. In this production loop, new products of the same grade and quality are generated again and again. Shredded iron as a secondary raw material is extracted from such metal wares as wrecked cars, large discarded electric appliances and many other items. The majority of the products is shredded steel scrap.

Re-cycling is coming full cycle

High-quality secondary raw materials are obtained by way of the professional disposal management of different products that have reached their end of life. With mature technical facilities, neat separation of the ingoing materials takes place in the crusher. High recovery rates are achieved with cars. In particular, the steel scrap, non-ferrous metals, light and heavy-weight shredded fractions are extracted. What remains of a fridge or other appliances after processing can also be made ready for re-use.