Ferrous Metals

1,400 kg
iron ore
740 kg
120 kg
74 - 90 %
98 %
reduced impact on the
environment in total
Source: World Resources Forum

Worldwide steel scrap use in millions of tons

Source: BDSV

Comparison of countries steel scrap used in raw steel production in 2015 in million tonnes

Ferrous metals: re-use without quality loss

Iron and steel are 100% recyclable. The high economic efficiency results in the entire worldwide scrap volume (500 million tonnes) being recycled. Iron and steel waste, punching and metal cutting waste, ferrous metal packing materials and containers are melted again and again and new products are formed.

Steel and stainless steel scrap as permanent raw materials sources

70 % of the steel ever produced is still in use
555 Mio. t million tonnes of steel scrap were used for steel production all over the globe in 2015
33,5 % of the global raw steel production was based on secondary raw materials in 2015
23 Mrd. t. billion tonnes of steel scrap were recycled since the beginning of steel production

(Source: Zukunft Stahlschrott, BDSV Bundesvereinigung Deutscher Stahlrecycling- und Entsorgungsunternehmen e.V., Ergebnisse der Fraunhofer UMSICHT-Studie zur Zukunft des Stahlschrotts – eine Untersuchung für die BDSV)

Ferrous metals and their properties

Generally, we differentiate between iron with a low carbon content and cast iron, which contains over 2.06% of carbon. This essentially influences the metal properties when working with these materials. Cast iron is not malleable and, especially, not forgeable. Steel is often used as structural reinforcement. DIN EN 10020 defines steel as a material whose mass portion contains at least 50% of iron, which includes other elements and has a carbon content of below 2.06%. (Learn more at: e-metallicus). Due to the use for reinforced concrete, iron rods, gratings, sheet iron/steel and girders, iron is found in virtually all buildings. Iron is magnetic and can be easily and quickly separated from non-ferrous metals.

Ferrous metals at SECONTRADE

Scrap steel

Collected old and new scrap from various different iron wastes

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Shredded iron

Fragmented steel scrap after recovery

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