Cables as raw materials suppliers

Today, cables are virtually omnipresent: in electric appliances, buildings, and vehicles of various kinds. Each car currently incorporates about two 2 kilometres of cable, and the trend is rising further. The recycling of cables ensures that urgently needed raw materials are retained within the cycle of valuable matters. The recovery of power and data cables provides PVC, aluminium, and, above all, copper, whose content may be very high in some cables, depending on the type of the cable.

Neat separation to preserve values

After dismantling and cutting the cables, the plastic parts are separated from the metals and all fractions are treated separately. The treatment of copper constitutes a classic processing example. After shredding, the copper granulate is melted – its purity is 98% - and further cleaned in an electrolytic process. The copper cathodes have a copper content of 99.99%. Aluminium and copper are much sought-after secondary raw materials for the production of new cables, motors, and transformers. Recycling is becoming an important driver toward electromobility.