Safety and ease of raw materials trading

SECONTRADE stands for simplicity and efficiency of handling the sale of large raw material quantities. Vendors can easily and quickly upload all relevant certificates and offer the secondary raw materials together with the underlying documentation. For buyers, the speed of checking, the complete traceability and the transparency of the bidding process are valuable advantages. SECONTRADE, the B2B Platform, has simplified safe raw materials trading in a manner never achieved before. It affords you the most favourable cost/benefit ratio in commodity trading.

Seller advantages at a glance

  • Ease and speed of offering
  • Posting without risks and costs
  • Security of handling
  • Optimum yields
Yet more seller advantages!

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Buyer advantages at a glance

  • Certified vendors only
  • No handling costs
  • Front-to-end documentation
  • Transparent bidding process
Yet more buyer advantages!

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Smart standardization for a reduced input

You can benefit from all advantages right after registering and after having been granted access. Take a little time at the first go and upload all your certificates and enter all data relating to your company. In the future, offering very large quantities of secondary raw materials will be a piece of cake: simply post them with a few clicks and sit back. You can present your valuable commodities together with relevant information and photos, and if you want to, material analyses and other specifications.

SECONTRADE improves your results

Easy offering

Use your notebook, mobile phone or desktop to post photos, the raw material specifications and quantity and other information in an instant.

Selling Just in Time

Reduce your storage costs by selling Just in Time! Adapt your offer to the expected beginning of production.

Keep track - always

Even if you run several sites, SECONTRADE will provide you with complete, concise documentation on all deals.


Find waste metals, shredders or compressors faster

SECONTRADE provides you with a clearly structured "menu" of available secondary raw materials from all over Europe. The largest recyclers from Europe offer their commodities here on a regular basis and you can bid for all raw materials transnationally, also for partial quantities if you wish. The intelligent filter function will always make the best result possible. For instance, vendors can sort their offers by region and achieve additional logistics cost savings.

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A wide variety of raw materials


  • Steel Scrap
  • Shreddered Iron Scrap

Non-ferrous metals

  • Aluminum/Copper Coolers
  • Electric Engines + Copper Transformers
  • Cable
  • Compressors, Dismantled
  • Copper
  • Printed Circuit Boards from Dismantling
  • Brass


  • Polystyrene
  • Polyurethane


  • Flat Glas

SECONTRADE improves your results

Faster search

With our intelligent search filters, you can obtain the desired results in an instant.

Customized messaging system

With the reminder function for your preferred raw materials and expiring offers, you can make sure that you do not miss any top offers.

Safe buying process

It is easy to check up on the vendors at SECONTRADE, so each deal phase takes place reliably.

The largest trading platform for secondary raw materials

SECONTRADE is based on transparency, simplicity and reliability. On account of its size, this marketplace ensures rapidity of product handling and smoothness in concluding transactions with partners from all over Europe. A maximum of security is our joint winning formula. Ease and lucidity of handling each large transaction saves both sides a lot of time.

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SECONTRADE is committed to you

Use SECONTRADE to achieve trouble-free, secure trading of profitable raw materials.


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